Biases Affecting Hiring Decisions

Many employers and interviewers don’t realize how easily they can fall into the trap of interviewing bias. In order to have interviews free of discrimination, managers need to receive training, especially if they want to avoid discrimination claims. Along with avoiding any claims training can help interviewers hire the right candidates. Below are a few examples of common biases. Stereotyping. … Read More

Five Best Practices to Recruit Tech Talent

In the digital age, it’s critical to recruit tech professionals with the right skill sets.  Thanks to one of our partners, Verified First, for sharing their insight with us. Tech talent is in high demand, but short supply. To supply their companies with a steady talent pipeline, recruiters need to attract high-demand candidates. But in today’s market, it takes more … Read More

Why You Should Document Performance Problems Immediately

It’s so important to remember that performance problems should be documented as soon as they happen. Even though it may cause some discomfort it’s vital to make sure you discuss the problem with the employee. Being open with employees in this way helps against any wrongful termination claims that employees could possibly make. Many employers believe that since they employ … Read More

Why Your Company Needs An Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks are important tools for employees and employers. Handbooks set expectations for employees and explain policies clearly in order for them to understand the organization better. Employers can rest easy when they have a handbook because they know employees have an understanding of policies and expectations. Today we’ll be talking about specific reasons for employers to have an employee … Read More

Steps to Conducting a Successful Termination Meeting

Eventually, every employer has to end the employment of one of their workers. This can be a stressful time for some and for others it might be a process they’re used to doing. Whether you’re used to this process or not it’s important to conduct a termination meeting. The meetings allow for a time to discuss the decision behind the … Read More