PayPros, Inc. Login Portals

PayPros, Inc. Login Portals are listed below.  Click directly on black “Submit” button without entering Login to go direct to login page.

Client Payroll Login

This is for Client Managers and Supervisors who enter payroll information.

Payroll Login for Clients



iSolved Payroll Login

This is for iSolved Payroll, Time & Attendance, Human Resources, Employee Self Service, Benefits and Workflow.

General iSolved Login



Client Shugo (File Guardian) Reports Login

This is for Client Managers and Supervisors who receive any payroll reports or check stubs through Shugo.

Shugo Login


Employee Self Service Login and Employee Timesheets

For employees to view check stubs, W-2’s and other personal information.

Employee Information Login


Employee WebClock Login (For Daily Clock In)

Login for employees on a daily basis.

 Employee Daily WebClock Login

Time & Attendance Login for Company Administrator or Supervisors

Here the company Time & Attendance administrator logs in to check on all employees or a limited number for supervisors.

Time & Attendance Login for Administrator

HR Login

This login is for clients who utilize our 24/7 HR Answers On Demand Service.

HR Answerlink Login for Clients