Human Resources

PayPros, Inc. ‘s HR Service

We’re very happy to introduce our clients to PayPros, Inc.’s HR Services. Human Resources answers on demand when you need them 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Protect your business from costly lawsuits and audits. Find a reliable place to turn with your HR Questions and issues. PayPros again offers the service you are looking for at a cost you can afford with the following benefits:

  • Available 24 Hours per day, 7 Days per week
  • Advice and tools you can use today
  • Guidance from trusted experts – Connect with HR Pros with years of experience providing the content and insights you need.
  • Constantly Updated tools for you to use.
  • Employee Handbook available to download and customize along with an HR Pro if needed.
  • Employment Laws in easy to read format for Federal and State jurisdictions.
  • HR Forms to facilitate employee hiring management and termination.
  • Job Descriptions to find, hire and organize employees.
  • Confidential questions submitted to our HR Pros will elicit a timely, personal response.
  • Q&A Database available when you are.
  • HR Articles.
  • HR News and Updates.
  • Glossary of HR Terms.

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Tax Incentive Services

In an effort to offer our clients the highest level of service, PayPros, Inc. now offers tax incentive services through Paradigm Partners, the national leader in securing financial benefits for businesses through state and government programs. Paradigm Partners will perform a cost free analysis in an effort to identify any programs for which your company may qualify.

Below is a list of tax incentive services available through PayPros, Inc..

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Verified First Background Checks

We’re very happy to introduce our clients to Verified First, which works with our software. When it comes to hiring employees, PayPros, Inc. gives you the tools to succeed. This easy to use program is done entirely online. Services include:

  • Pre-Employment Credit Check
  • Social Security Search
  • County Criminal Check
  • National Criminal Database Check
  • US Patriot Act Search
  • Professional License Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Prior Employment Verification
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Statewide Criminal Check
  • Federal Criminal Check
  • FCRA Outsourcing
  • Exit Interviews

The fees for this service are very reasonable.

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Improve Employee Retention with Sec. 125/FSA
Premium Only Plan
Flexible Spending Amount
A Wide Range of Benefits
Health Insurance Delta Dental
Avesis Vision Colonial Life

Retirement Plans

SaveDay for Small to Medium Sized Employers

SaveDay is the way to 401(k) period. Visit


  • SaveDay methodology focuses on combining different assets in a portfolio to maximize estimated returns while reducing the level of risk.
  • NO Cost for the business.
  • Extremely low employee percent per year of .45%.
  • No per employee fee, No monthly fees!
  • A wide variety of funds to choose from, as well as access to a brokerage account.

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401k Invesmart for Large Employers

PayPros partnered with industry leader Invesmart, Inc. to bring you a superior 401(k) Program. This program offers a great tax saving tool as well as a great savings vehicle for employees. Invesmart will select appropriate investments through its subsidiary, Invesmart Advisors, Inc., and manage the plans. This is a quality plan at a reasonable cost (starting at less than $2000!) Designed with the small business in mind, the program offers buying power and access to funds that might otherwise not be available. And, by providing account management services for participants, it provides a service unique to the small plan market. 401(k) Plans can be delivered in both the traditional pretax and new Roth formats.


  • Contributions and certain expenses are tax-deductible
  • Tax credit incentives for first three years for start up plans
  • Provides a powerful recruiting and retention tool
  • We do it for you – we select investments and manage the participants’ accounts