PayPros, Inc. is a payroll company with branch offices along the East Coast. We have been working with small businesses since 1999 – specializing in business start-ups. Our clients range from the 1 person auto body payroll to multinational corporations with thousands of employees. PayPros was started in response to the lack of proper service offered to small business.

What we found is that most other payroll companies do the same things, basically produce checks, generate reports and file payroll taxes. That’s it. They are check writing factories. When it came to flexibility to meet the specific needs of small business they were unwilling or unable to give their clients what they wanted.These companies regard customers as numbers and there is little to no personal guidance or relationships. Call these other firms during business hours and get lost in an automated voice maze. PayPros was started with a different attitude.

If you call PayPros you get a live person ready to answer your questions, because we believe you deserve better. We take a proactive approach to clients’ payroll needs by offering more flexibility, greater guidance for startups and business owners and outstanding client service.Our internal system is superior to the Industry Giants, because their former programmers built it. We improved the product, making it the 5th largest producer of payroll checks in the US right now. It helps us to watch for “red flags” that cost companies unnecessary money, penalties and interest. In other words we offer our clients peace of mind and most importantly – we save them hundreds to thousands of dollars per year in the process. PayPros is fully insured and bonded for your continued security.

PayPros offers the largest package of powerful payroll tools in the industry. Your small business can utilize the same tools Fortune 500 companies around the US enjoy for a price small businesses can appreciate. We offer pricing that is generally 15% below that of the national check writing services.PayPros flexibility across all industries ranks us at the top of the list for high quality client service. The bottom line is…we’re small business, so we understand you better than anyone else does and that is why so many small businesses choose PayPros.

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