Due to regulations, we must receive complete and signed documentation before we can begin processing payroll. Documents needed include: 1) PayPros Tax Filing Contract; 2) Power of Attorney; 3) Documented Prior Balances per employee per quarter (or most recent QTD/YTD reports). Additionally, we request that you provide the following information shortly after being set-up as a customer: 1) Copies of quarterly and annual returns; 2) Copies of State Registrations; 3) State Unemployment Insurance Rate Change Notice. These documents will ensure proper tax filings and payments. If you have any questions, please call 866-445-2524 for assistance, or send an e-mail

Additionally, you may go to our Sign Up Now Page to get the proper documents.

We file and pay all federal and any of the 50 states taxes along with local taxes at no additional charge.
Absolutely! PayPros, Inc. has full bonding and insurance to protect our clients. We have a higher coverage per client than other national services. PayPros, Inc. has never had a claim on any of the policies that have been in effect for many years. Also, PayPros, Inc. utilizes an outside service that reconciles all Escrow Accounts and Client Accounts to ensure that all balances are accurate.
Whatever suits you! Payroll may be submitted through; online, e-mail, call in, fax, call out or automatic payroll runs.
We have over 150 standard reports and we are able to customize reports if the standard reports are not exactly what you are looking for.

With Online Payroll, you have access to writing easy reports using any of the databases. Or, you can ask us and we will produce the report for you.

We allow automatic payroll running. That means we have a standing order to run a specific payroll.

With this option, you are required to call us by a specified day and time if you want to make changes otherwise the payroll will be processed as normal.

PayPros, Inc. prides itself on keeping costs down through economies of scale and eliminating everything deemed unnecessary.  We invest in the service people of the organization and eliminated the numerous wasteful layers of “middle-management” that other national services get bogged down in.

Therefore, you get only what you need, saving money.

PayPros, Inc. does not require any term long contracts.

Our entire organization understands that we must earn your business every payroll.